Womb, Karma & Transcendence – UK Retreat May 2020

– postponed due to corona virus

Friday 8th – Sunday 17th May 2020

retreat may 2020, womb, karma, transcendence, Doug Duncan, Catherine Pawasarat, Maitreya house

with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

This retreat will build upon the ground breaking work of Namgyal Rinpoche. Join us for a deep and fundamentally healing retreat at Maitreya House.


From that first spark of connection

We grow in our mother’s womb

She is our environment, our habitat. Our mother is not separate from us – until we are born.

Leaving the comfort and known of our mother’s womb is an inevitable part of life’s journey – where life, health and death are in the balance.

Once born, the cord is cut. We are no longer encompassed by and part of our mother. The womb has been left behind.

These very early experiences are part of the earliest formation of the person that we will become. Set in place in our psyche before we can consciously have memory of them. Yet they are the foundation on top of which the rest of our life has been layered.

This will be a life affirming retreat.

Through meditation and somatic exploration, we retread the journey from the bliss of the womb to our first experience of a separate self. We reset the conditioning, understanding and assumptions which became part of us during one of our earliest and perhaps most fundamental rites of passage.


Traditional Buddhist philosophy holds that there are eight fundamental fears, which all human beings are subject to. We can think of them as sort of instinctual fears, each one going back to the womb/birth experience.

Getting enough oxygen, for example, must have been pretty tough while we were being squeeeeeezed through the birth canal: essential oxygen passes to the fetus from the mother through the umbilical cord, and the cord was getting squeezed too. Every time we feel uncomfortably short of air, we are prone to hearkening back to that first imprint of when the oxygen supply was being interrupted, the future unknown and survival uncertain. And nearly every single one of us has been through this experience, thus the fears are considered universal.

By revisiting the womb and birth experiences through various exercises and meditation, they no longer have an unconscious hold over us – our heart is liberated and our emotions and feelings have a fuller range of healthy expression.

When we clear the womb experience, life on this planet truly sparkles with all its mystery and splendour.

This work is universalist and open to all.

What’s Expected of Me if I Come to This Retreat?

  • An open mind and heart, and a spirit of adventure are excellent things to bring!
  • It’s human to have some apprehensions about doing something new, meeting new people, or going to a new place. Particularly when all three happen together. We try to make this as supportive as possible.
  • When exploring our growth edges, it’s natural to feel uncertain and awkward. And it’s very fruitful to transform that emotional tension into creative energy by drawing on your own inner resources – such as inquiry, going with the flow, and self-reflection, just a few of the many kinds of constructive engagement.
  • To maximize your retreat experience, we ask that you refrain from reading, using the internet, phone or listening to music during the course.

The teachers live by the ancient tradition of dāna or generosity. Please learn more about this profound practice before you register.

You can read more about the retreat and the teachers on the Planet Dharma webpage by clicking here

Interested? Register here or contact us at dharmaeurope.@outlook.com

You can also text or speak to Jonathan on 07891 621865 or Zoe on 07861 247 357


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If you are interested in meditation, meeting with fellow explorers, learning from teachers in a lineage that goes right back to the buddha – who see all traditions as grist for the mill, or in the retreats that we organise – please get in touch. You can email dharmaeurope@outlook.com directly

To find out more about Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawarsarat, their work, background and philosophy –  and Clearsky, the retreat centre where they live and teach in Canada you can visit https://www.planetdharma.com