How to get to Seminar Hotel

By car

Use the following address for the navigation system:

Seminarhotel Seidenbuch

Buchenstr. 17

64678 Lindenfels (Seidenbuch)

Arriving by plane – Fly to Frankfurt Airport

The most economic and fastest way to get to the Seminarhotel is to use the RMV – bus and train service from the airport to the Darmstadt Hautbahnhof train station, and then to take a train to Bensheim. We will pick you up in Bensheim. The Seminar Hotel is a 30-minute drive from Bensheim.

Here are the detailed instructions.
  • In the airport, follow the sign Bus Terminal Gate 14 (Terminal 1) or ask at an information desk.

  • Find the Destination: Bensheim Bahnhof
  • The price is: € 8.60.
  • This is the train ticket. You have to pay to the bus driver an additional €.3.80 for the busride.
  • With that ticket you board the AirLiner bus that goes to Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof. The bus leaves every 30 minutes.
  • Arriving at Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof you enter the train station and find your train to Bensheim (usually Gate 10).
  • The ride from Frankfurt to Bensheim will be around one hour.
Check out the following link to see times and gates for your train. – and change the language into English.

Add the following details:

From: Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Terminal 1

To: Bensheim Bahnhof