Meditation Retreat, Germany 2019

with Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat

Wasteland to Pureland

meditation, Retreat, Germany, DE, doug duncan, Catherine Pawararat, 2019

An 8 Day Retreat in Seidenbuch, Germany

October 17th – 25th 2019 

What are the qualities we can cultivate to feel internally grounded and to act from a positive, wholesome place in our relationships with others?
This is a retreat for those wanting to increase clarity of heart and mind.
Meet and study with Dharma Teachers and Spiritual Mentors Doug Duncan & Catherine Pawasarat.
Doug and Catherine will guide us on a path showing the practical steps, phases and elements that must come together for transcendental alchemy to occur. Based on teachings from their best selling book Wasteland to Pureland – this retreat is a guide for how to integrate spiritual practice with everyday life.
Discover the journey from Wasteland to Pureland on meditation retreat in a beautiful forested area in the heart of Germany, 50 miles from Frankfurt and Heidelburg.

There is an awakening experience that is vast and beyond words.

The path beckons. Are you ready?


Grounded in the belief that awakening is available to everyone, Doug & Catherine teach us how to reunite with our gifts, to become agents of compassion and transformation, personally, interpersonally and globally.

Doug Duncan Sensei, Catherine Pawasarat, retreat 2019, maitreya house, herefordshire, watkins bookshop, buddhist teachings, awakening now

The themes that will be covered in the retreat

  • Awakening through Creativity
  • Managing and letting go of hurt feelings so we can experience more joy and freedom.
  • Turning our daily work into an engaging and enlivening practice.
  • Uncovering the secrets we hide from ourselves leads to increased love and compassion.
  • Turning our relationship with Money, Sex, and Power into tools for self-sovereignty.
  • Meeting our inner shadow to find untapped energy for greater joy.
Meditation, retreat, 2019, Germany, DE, Doug Duncan, Catherine Pawasarat

If you are interested in meditation, meeting with fellow explorers, learning from teachers in a lineage that goes right back to the buddha – who see all traditions as grist for the mill, or in the retreats that we organise – please get in touch. You can email directly

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To find out more about Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawarsarat, their work, background and philosophy –  and Clearsky, the retreat centre where they live and teach in Canada you can visit