UK Retreat May 2020

with Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

retreat may 2020, womb, karma, transcendence, Doug Duncan, Catherine Pawasarat, Maitreya house

Womb, Karma & Transcendence

Friday 8th – Sunday 17th May 2020

This retreat builds upon the ground breaking work of Namgyal Rinpoche. Join us for a deep and fundamentally healing retreat at Maitreya House in May next year.

From that first spark of connection

We grow in our mother’s womb

She is our environment, our habitat. Our mother is not separate from us – until we are born.

Leaving the comfort and known of our mother’s womb is an inevitable part of life’s journey – where life, health and death are in the balance.

Once born, the cord is cut. We are no longer encompassed by and part of our mother. The womb has been left behind.

These very early experiences are part of the earliest formation of the person that we will become. Set in place in our psyche before we can consciously have memory of them. Yet they are the foundation on top of which the rest of our life has been layered.

This will be a life affirming retreat.

Through meditation and somatic exploration, we retread the journey from the bliss of the womb to our first experience of a separate self. We reset the conditioning, understanding and assumptions which became part of us during one of our earliest and perhaps most fundamental rites of passage.

Interested? Please contact us at You can also text or speak to Jonathan on 07891 621865.

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To find out more about Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawarsarat, their work, background and philosophy –  and Clearsky, the retreat centre where they live and teach in Canada you can visit